Review: God Help the Girl

God Help the Girl (2014)

Cast: Emily Browning, Olly Alexander, and Hannah Murray

Director: Stuart Murdoch

Synopsis: Emily Browning stars as Eve, a young woman who begins to write songs in order to cope with her own personal problems. Along the way she crosses paths with musicians Cassie (Hannah Murray) and James (Olly Alexander).

Have you ever participated in a lucky dip in hopes of getting that golden nugget out of all the dull rocks? Well my friends, out of a pool of foreign entertainment movies, this movie was the golden nugget I had always hoped to find.

With a splendid cast of vibrant thespians who encompass their characters in a way that brings their personifications to life, it was as if these actors were born to play their roles. Emily Browning as timid Eve, Olly Alexander portraying dorky James, to Hannah Murray playing humble Cassie, God Help the Girl is truly one of those films that deserve all the recognition it deserves.

Every detail of the film is perfect from the setting in the quaint city of Glasgow during the Summer time to the seemingly perfect cast, and the quirky outfits worn by the leads (talk about total style envy). All of these elements allow the movie to shine through with its’ simple story of the journey of discovering what one wants in their life, by discovering their passion and basking in the company of like minded people.

God Help the Girl being a musical drama, of course it would be expected that the soundtrack would be as spectacular as the film itself. The soundtrack is light and airy generating vibes of spring picnics and summer evenings huddled around with friends playing music and having a laugh.

Overall, this film is truly mesmerising with it’s stellar performance from the lead actors, outfits which I want to steal, and lazy atmosphere reminding one of those long summer days, feeling like one had all the time in the world.


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