Review: It

Title: It

Author: Alexa Chung

One of fashions most prominent names Alexa Chung releases her very first book, in which she shares her personal musings, fashion icons, music taste, tips on dealing with heart break, and even how to master taking a selfie.

The layout of the book is quite random as it acts as a diary entry giving succinct details about certain topics in a haphazardly ordered way. It starts off with her childhood experiences, fashion, beauty, fashion, music festivals, fashion, heartbreak, fashion, social media, and (you guessed it) ends with fashion.

This spontaneous, dishevelled ordering of pages acts as a sort of parallel into Alexa Chung as a person. Chung does not write pretentiously about her lavish career being a high end fashion model, who just so happened to be lucky enough to catch the eye of an agent. She recalls her childhood and adolescence  like any other girl growing up in the 90s, where the Spice Girls ruled her world. 

Chung deconstructs her personal fashion style for the reader by highlighting the features of certain models and actresses in fashion and films whom she idolises. These descriptions are paired together with imagery showcasing the prominent features. Chung does not let the words be the main focus, but lets the images speak for itself (little ironic for a book).

Alexa Chung does not intend to create a literary masterpiece, but a humorous light read for her fans, which does not disappoint.


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