Review: In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes (2014)

Cast: Michael Stahl-David, Zoe Kazan, Mark Feuerstein

Director: Brin Hill

Synopsis: Two strangers from opposite sides of the country have a telepathic bond, which allows them see, hear, and feel the experiences of the other. They soon form a bond and defy all odds in order to be together.

To be perfectly honest with you guys, I have actually been refraining myself from watching this movie for a while. The reason why is because the synopsis provided by Netflix, made me instantly think that, if I watch this movie I will most definitely dissolve into a puddle of tears. However, I did not shed one tear, but I did shout at the TV screen and put my heart under so much anxious stress that I probably have high blood pressure now. I am not sure if this reaction to the film was better or worse…I feel as if crying would have been much easier.

My main issue with this movie, that I hoped they would have explained at one point throughout the whole film was why Rebecca and Dylan had a telepathic connection. Was it because they were born on the same day, same year, and at the exact same time? Did they hit their heads’ as a child at the exact same time when they were little? Did their parents fall in love at the exact same place? Were they struck by lightning? I will never get to know the answer to this, because unfortunately the movie never explains why.

Furthermore, another issue that arose while watching the film was, why don’t they pretend to be talking on the phone whenever they are communicating in public? If they just used their mobile phones, while talking in public Dylan could have kept his job. Were they not able to use mobile phones when interacting because the static waves disrupted their contact? Again another question that will never be answered for me.

Aside from all the telecommunication issues, the chemistry between Dylan and Rebecca is truly mesmerising. You can see the full capacity of emotion in their eyes whenever they are interacting with one another. Rebecca who is pasty and wasting away in the east coast springs to life, when speaking to Dylan. As the movie progresses you see the life and colour go into Rebecca, as she falls in love with Dylan. There is even a shift in attitude from Dylan, who didn’t really find a purpose in his life considering everyone has left him and no one believed in him…until Rebecca enters the picture.

Hill does an excellent job in contrasting the lives of the characters through the colour of their surroundings, while separated with the warm tones of New Mexico to the cool tones of New Hampshire. In addition, I enjoy the symbolism of the snow in the last scene as the two characters have a new slate and are creating a new chapter in their lives. Speaking of the last scene, that scene had my heart racing and voice hoarse, egging Rebecca and Dylan to run harder and faster escaping the authorities in order to be together.

In Your Eyes is a poignant tale of falling in love with someone for their personality and mind first rather than their physical image. A film that has one question their fate and take matters into their own hands no matter what barriers defy them.


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