Study Hacks

It’s a Friday evening and you are laying on your bed staring at the stack of books on your desk. You may be staring at those inanimate objects scathingly thinking, ‘strippers earn a lot of money and they didn’t need to apply Pythag’s formula into their everyday life,’. Well my lovelies stop that thinking this instant and change your mindset. I am going to share with you some little strategies that help me.

Cute stationery

I don’t know about you guys, but if my stationery is not cute then I won’t even bother completing any of my assignments. There’s just something about aesthetically pleasing stationery that just makes me want to pick up my multitude of gel ink pens and start writing notes.

If you’re worried about pricing and how expensive some stationery is, not to fear there are many places that sell cheap, quality stationery. Places such as DaisoTargetK-mart, and Typo (however, I do not recommend Typo’s pens because they always run out THE DAY I purchase them). If you guys want to splurge then I recommend Kikki K, which is a haven for quality, pastel stationery that will make you squeak at the amount of adorableness. Also, the compliments don’t hurt as well.

Make a list 

Lists are life. There I said it, lists just make life so much easier especially if you are a forgetful person like I am. On my desk is a white board positioned next to me and whenever I wake up on the weekend I write down all my subject from most important to least. This helps me keep my mind focused, so that my mind does not wander. Furthermore, there is something just satisfying about ticking off things off a list.

Take advantage of your facilities 

If you get distracted at home due to annoying siblings, internet, or TV then I reccommend you take advantage of the facilites around you. My school’s senior centre is open at around seven in the morning to about seven or eight in the evening. Therefore, if you’re a morning person then go to school an hour early and buckle down and get an hour and half of school work done. Or, if you are like me and find yourself more productive in the eveing then stay back after school and get some study done. For me, the school day finishes at three and I stay back until six or six-thirty getting work done. What I love about my school’s senior centre is that it is a wide space, where students can access the spare classrooms, the group study area, or the quiet study area, comprised of individual desks and chairs.

One of the biggest things that have benefited me about staying back after school is the fact that I have access to my teachers. If I get stuck on a question or don’t understand the content I can easily seek out my teachers and get everything sorted out.

If you guys live a fair bit away from your school, and are unable to access these resources then I recommend the public library. The library is a quite area with a calm atmosphere perfect for some intense studying. You will most likely not be bothered by anyone and if you find yourself peckish, libraries are always positioned near food stores.

Buy a diary

Just like with making a list, organisation is key in order to stay on top of things. My school, supplies students with a diary, but if your school does not do that then you can pick one up at a post office. In my school diary I like to note that what classes I have on for the day and I bring my diary with me to every class. Therefore, I can note down my homework and important dates regarding SACS (tests) and school events (swimming and sport carnivals).

These little things make a difference in my attitude towards school work. As a result, I am less stressed and more organised. I hope this benefits you guys!!

Disclaimer: I have not been sponsored by any of the brands listed, this is just my honest opinion.

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