Film review: Cashback 

Cashback (2006)

Cast: Sean Biggerstaff, Emilia Fox, Michelle Ryan

Director: Sean Eillis

Synopsis: After a distasteful breakup, Ben contracts insomnia. In order to kill time that should have been spent sleeping, he works the night shift at his local supermarket. In that time he lets his artistic imagination run wild.

Guys, when the young me saw Sean Biggerstaff play the Gryffindor quidditch captain Oliver Wood my heart exploded. That Scottish accent and black turtleneck of his made my heart soar and I wanted to see more of him. So, imagine the delight older me felt, once she stumbled across this film starring Biggerstaff on Netflix. Unfortunately, there was no Scottish accent or quidditch, but this movie still surpassed all of my expectations and I loved it.

The concept of Ben (Biggerstaff) being able to manipulate time is an idea that could either break or make this story. Ellis is able to utilise this and create a visionary masterpiece, that is thought provoking. This movie fully captures the effect of insomnia on a person, because when you suffer from insomnia one does not feel the shift of time. Ellis is able to capture this through Ben’s ability to freeze time, with only him being aware of this pause.Ellis also captures that when one goes through heartbreak time does not pass the way it used to, as it blends together into one lengthy time period.

The only issue within this film is that the narration can be a little tedious and unnecessary. But, overall its an excellent film to spend ones’ time watching in order to gain a new perspective on heartache and love.

NOTE: There is nudity

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