Achieve that ‘A’ without reading the book

Alright, my lovelies so you have not read that book your English teacher has assigned you to read over the term break. Maybe you attempted to read said book, but it was so dull and disengaging you did not even bother to make it past the first twenty pages. Fear not, because your girl Honeybunnay has got your back and will help you pull through.

Guys even if you have not read your assigned book, you can still obtain a pretty good result. Do not read this post thinking that you would just get a mere ‘C’. Last year in my literature class I did not read any of the assigned books and I managed to average B’s and A’s. Furthermore, this year I did not even bother to read the assigned texts and I managed to obtain top scores.

This is most definitely the hardest way to go about things, because it is easier just to read the book and save yourself from stress and confusion. Take note, I did not just obtain those scores by the sites I have mentioned below.

Listen attentively in class discussions

I understand that it is much easier to tune out of class discussions, especially when you have no clue what is going on. However, listening on class discussions allows you to get a feel of everyone else’s interpretation of the novel and their feelings regarding certain characters. E.g. a boy in my literature class stated that he hated all the characters in the novel we were studying, because there was no morally just characters. My teacher then stated that perhaps the author did this intentionally in order to showcase how during that time period society was corrupt.

Do some research on the author, novel, and context

Do not think that you can just walk into your first class with no knowledge of the author or the novel…IT DOES NOT WORK OUT THAT WAY! Even if you have not read the book, it does not limit you from finding out about the author’s life and how that influences the book. Nor, does it limit you from finding out the views, and values upheld within that time period. The invention of the internet has made all this easier for us with websites such as LitChartsSparknotes, and Shmoop giving accurate detail regarding a variety of texts and plays. Also, if you really do not want to read those posts, because reading is not your thing and you would rather watch a video then I present to you the Sparknotes YouTube channel.That is right guys there is an educational non pretentious YouTube channel that explains the plot of a novel with pictures!

Watch the movie

There are some implications with watching the movie version of a novel because certain scenes may be inserted or deleted. The order is jumbled up, and the director presents certain characters differently compared  to how the author does it. E.g. in the 1995 film adaptation of the Jane Austen novel Persuasion, Elisabeth Elliot is portrayed as a slob whereas, in the novel she is by no means a slob just a very vain young woman. By watching the film it helps one get a feel of the story, making it easier to take into account the personalities of the characters and a feel for the era.

Your teacher is a source, take advantage of this!

So, your teacher has set the date for the SAC (test) and you have your prompts and you are ready to start writing a practice essay. I suggest that you establish a clear idea of what you want to write and what themes you would like to expand upon. Before writing your essay complete a draft and take that draft to your teacher to overlook it. Your teacher should be able to look through your draft and tell you whether or not corrections need to be made, and if you need to elaborate more on ideas. If you do not have the best relationship with your teacher then perhaps take it to another English teacher that may have taught you in the past.

I understand that everyone is different and some of these options may not work for you guys. However, this is what helps me and if I can aid anyone else to avoid stress I would be happy to know.Comment down below and let me know if some of these strategies work for you guys.

NOTE: I was not sponsored by any of these sites, this is my honest opinion.


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