A Day Out at Luna Park

On Saturday for my friends birthday we decided to go to Luna Park for the day. The last time I went to Luna Park was when I was eight years old with my family, so I was very excited to revisit my childhood.

Admission to Luna Park is free, so you essentially just pay for rides and games. We got unlimited passes, unfortunately I am not aware of the cost because my friend paid for all of us. Therefore, we tried out pretty much all of the rides. The most iconic ride at Luna Park is the Scenic Railway which circles the whole theme park. The ride is a hundred and three years old (which the staff just love informing you every ten minutes). During our day there, I am unashamed to say that my friends and I rode the Scenic Railway three times once during the day and twice at night.  Unfortunately, the ghost ride was not as ‘scary’ as I hoped. I expected more from this ride but it was just sad.


Personally, I find Luna Park to be at its finest during the night. It seems to light up (pun intended) with all of the dazzling fairy lights giving it a magical vibe. Another added bonus is that at night the park is less congested, thus the waiting time is significantly lowered. The only thing you have to deal with is that the face will look very demonic.


Finding parking  will be difficult if one were to drive up to St. Kilda because the parking choices are poor. However, the park is situated right in front of a tram stop so it would allow one to get to the park easily using public transport.

What I love about Luna Park being situated in St. Kilda is the abundance of restaurants, bars, and cafes surrounding the area. These places accommodates to all socio-economic backgrounds (even high school students like us) and taste pallets. My friends and I stuck to good old fashioned burgers and chips at Grill’d and some over priced yet yummy gelato.


Overall, Luna Park is a great place to visit with family, friends, and significant others. There is lots to do and see and you are spoiled for choice when it comes to food.


For information of prices and hours: http://lunapark.com.au

NOTE: I was not sponsored by Luna Park to write this, this is all my honest opinion.






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