Books to read, while travelling

Hello my lovelies,

So, the school holidays are fast approaching and that means travelling!  Thus, I decided to compile a list of book recommendations, that I enjoyed reading while on holiday last year.

Haruki Murakami/ After Dark 

Haruki Murakami, is by far one of my favourite authors. He knows how to captivate an audience with his subtle writing style. This book revolves around a young girl named Mari, who finds herself in the shadow of her ‘perfect’ sister Eri. The book touches on her struggles of breaking away from being just ‘Eri’s sister’. What I personally love about the book is the fact that it is set during the middle of the night, hence the title ‘After Dark’. By setting it during that time it provides a more unique atmosphere, that fully captivates the reader. Furthermore, I like how the book also delves into the point of view of other characters that have intermingled themselves into Mari’s life. This allows Murakami to broaden the plot of the story, but still focusing on Mari.

Alexa Chung/ It

If you follow my blog you may know that I adore this book, considering I have already made a review about it already. This book does not necessarily have a set structure, it is more so like delving into the mind of Alexa herself. The book is a compilation of all of her musings regarding fashion, music, and love. It shows her journey of self discovery into her own sense of fashion and style.

George Orwell/ Down and Out in Paris and London

This is the first ever Orwell book I have read. This book is an biography and revolves around Orwell’s life in Paris and London and how he lived through poverty. Orwell does not keep anything secret and is blatant in telling everything regarding the people he has met and how he tried to make ends meet.

Along with this post I have also uploaded a YouTube video, based on the same topic.


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