Review: Seventeen, One Fine Day

Hello my lovelies,

So anyway my K-pop binge of 2012 is back and in full force. I’ve been pretty much submerging myself in the K-popness by listening to the new groups that have popped up.

One of the bands that I have took a liking to is Seventeen which comprises of thirteen members. I know you may be thinking, “why is their band called Seventeen when there’s only thirteen members?”. Well the reason for that is that there are thirteen members, three different sub-groups and one band, and so 13+3+1=17.

Anyway, I recently just finished watching ‘Seventeen, One Fine Day’ and basically Seventeen get tricked into being ‘castaways’ for five days. I use the term castaway very loosely considering they just get displaced to a very tiny fishing island. They are provided with accomodation a quaint little house that they must find upon arrival to the island. The members must gather their own food, cook their meals, and maintain their new home.

Even before they reached the island madness had already ensued with the young idols having to leave behind their luggage and shift whatever posessions they can in a small zip lock bag.

The show itself was rather endearing and made me fall further in love with the idols. It showcased their close relationship with each other as the boys demonstrate team work, resilience, and unlimited motivation to carry on.






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