“Sunset glow” makeup look

Hello lovelies,

I have been loving this makeup look because it looks like the sunset and it makes me happy seeing the gradient between the gold and red. This look is very easy to do and will make your eyes pop especially in the sun light.

  1. With a cream gold shade I apply it all over my lids and this acts as my base.
  2. With a gold shadow and with a thick dense brush I pat the colour onto my eyes.
  3. I then use a dark rose colour and apply it on the outer v of my eyes blending it with the gold. I use a fluffy brush in order to blends the two colours together.
  4. Now with a small dense brush I apply the dark rose colour all over the lower third of my eyes in order to balance the look out.
  5. To create more dimension I apply black eyeliner and create a thin cat eye.
  6. To finish off the look I apply a pair of lashes and I want to create a dolly-eyed look so, I use falsies with wide gaps to create a more innocent look.

'Summer Glow' layout.jpg

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and that you hopefully try out this look!!!



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