Doll eyes makeup tutorial

Hello lovelies,

I was inspired by Melanie Martinez, Japanese Gyaru makeup, and Marina and the Diamonds to do this makeup look. This is a somewhat more toned down version as it’s not as dramatic. This makeup look would be great for Halloween if you wanted to go as something cute such as a doll.

  1. For the base I used a gold shimmer shadow and applied it all over my eyelids.
  2. Using a dark brown shade and a fluffy angled brush. I loaded up my brush and created a false crease on top of my natural crease, this will give an illusion of bigger looking eyes.
  3. With eyeliner I created a slightly exaggerated cat eye that extended further out than usual.
  4. I then extended the end of that line down halfway down my lower lash line. This is to create a fake lower lash line to widen my eyes making them bigger.
  5. What makes the look are false lashes. So I apply a pair with lots of gaps on top of my upper lashline. For my bottom lashes I bought a pair of individual lashes and applied them to the bottom of my fake lower lash line that I created previously.
  6. To make the eyes pop I apply a pearl shade on to my tear dux and on my brow bones.
  7. To complete the look I applied a pink lipstick onto my lips.

That’s the completed look and I hope you guys enjoyed it.


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