Haul: The Face Shop

Hello my lovelies,

I am back with a haul from ‘The Face Shop’, which is my favourite beauty store of all time. I love the store for several reasons such as the cheap prices, cute packaging, and amazing results I get from the products.

  1. Perfumed Body Mist: Cherry Blossom


To kick things off I purchased this aromatic body mist. First things first what I love most about it is the fact that it is cherry blossom scented. You will notice that the further you scroll down there will be several items present that are cherry blossom scented. That is because cherry blossoms are my favourite flower.

Aside from that I really like the slim design of the bottle, thus it can fit into my beauty bag very comfortably and I can bring it to school without any hassle. Also, I was drawn to the scent as it exudes a fresh fragrance which is not too overwhelming.


My second cherry blossom themed product is a hair mist. To be honest I’ve never bought hair mist before, and this was just something I decided to buy on a whim. But, I guess I will buy anything as long as it is cherry blossomed scented or packaged with cherry blossoms.

Just like with the body mist it gives off a very fresh scent, which would be delightful to smell walking around. Just imagine waving your hair around and everyone around you catching the subtle scent of cherry blossoms, you would definitely be a hit.

Just when you though I would finally stop with the cherry blossoms I hit you guys with the hand cream. I’m not sure why, but lately my hands have been very dry and gross to touch. So, I did another first today like with the hair mist and bought my first ever hand cream. Normally, I do not need to buy hand cream because I have naturally very soft hands, but the sudden dryness stopped that.

I’ve only used the hand cream a couple of times but I’m very satisfied with the product. To begin with the formula is not greasy and absorbs well onto my skin. Aside from leaving a very pleasant scent it is quite moisturising and has repaired my skin.

To be perfectly honest the eyeshadows I bought are not very pigmented but they do leave the most prettiest colour pay off. The colours that come out are very unique and beautiful to look at. I find that when these two products are blended together the colour pay off is absolutely gorgeous.

One of the things that make me so happy about the fact that I purchased this item is that it comes with a little applicator. I do not have a phobia of germs but in my opinion I think it’s nice how the company decided to chuck in an applicator, it just shows that they care for their customers and hygiene.

They had three different versions of this product, one was clear and contained no oil, and the other was very thick and gloopy. The third version was the one I bought which was a mixture of the two. So far I have been loving this product because it absorbs into my skin really well, making me feel refreshed and the mixture does not feel greasy.

If you guys regularly read my posts or are following my blog you would most likely be aware that this product is no stranger to my blog. That is because I did do a review of the product a while back and it is mentioned in my August empties.

There’s not really much to say about this product besides the fact that it covers my blemishes really well, controls my oily skin, and protects my skin with SPF. Because I have already bought the compact I just needed to buy the refill which was cheaper. I really like that how instead of spending an extra couple of dollars on the compact I can just buy a refill for cheaper and replace the actually foundation and sponge.

Now I cannot end this haul without mentioning the freebies I obtained. If you guys are not familiar with ‘The Face Shop’ or have not shopped at any Korean beauty stores whenever you buy something they will give you freebies such as face masks, sample sizes of their products. This is such smart advertising because then once a customer tries out the sample they will want to purchase the full-sized product. Also, probably one of the main reasons why I still keep going down to ‘The Face Shop’ would be for the free face masks.

Along with my purchases I got a couple of free face masks, sample primer, and hand cream in the cutest packaging


I hope you guys enjoyed reading.

See you soon,




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