What’s in my clutch?

Hello my lovelies,

I just had my formal the other day and it was amazing! It was great to go to a school event with the rest of my peers and teachers and not care about school work, but just to enjoy myself and flaunt my stuff.

Now for this post I’m going to be sharing with you guys what was in my purse, which I believe were essential for me to get by smoothly throughout the night.


These are a no-brainer and a must to put in a clutch. Even if you are not going through your menstrual cycle I would still recommend to bring one for someone else who maybe didn’t bring a pad or their period came early. Also if you do end up giving a spare pad to another girl in need, she will view you as her saviour, and wouldn’t that feel great?

Loose change

I believe that one should always keep loose change in their clutch in case their transport card runs out of money or doesn’t have the right amount of money in it. Also, I would bring loose change to buy a bottle of water from a supermarket or a milkbar that doesn’t take card. Remember guys hydration is key.

Bobby pins

Bobby pins are necessary to pin back pesky loose pieces of hair that have escaped out of the ponytail. What’s more bobby pins there might be some useful bobby pin hacks out there, so don’t forget your bobby pins!

Hand cream

If you have dry hands like I do then hand cream is a must. What’s more the soap in public toilets usually dry out my skin, so I believe that hand cream is a must in order to ensure hydrated and soft hands. The handcream I am currently using is from The Body Shop.


There’s no doubt about it lipstick rubs off when you eat, drink, and lick your lips so in order to ensure that you don’t have any weird looking lips always keep a tube of lipstick in your clutch. The one I’m curretnly using is from Revlon and has a nice glossy finish.

Lip balm 

The lipstick I am currently using doesn’t conain any Shea butter in it as a result I have to carry around a tube of lip balm in order to ensure that I don’t have any gross cracked lips. The one I am using is from Nivea and contains SPF 15.  (Did you know lips can get sunburnt)

Mini perfume 

There’s no doubt about it at the end of the night you are going to smell like a mixture of sweat and smoke. So in an attempt to stop that I suggest you bring with a mini perfume bottle. Simply because no one wants to smell like smoke or sweat or anything else that is gross. I am using a body mist from The Face Shop which has a very fresh scent to it.

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you guys enjoy. Please comment down below what are your clutch essentials. Also I have put a link to the video version of this post and I hope you watch it.

Signing off



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