Minimalist Jewellery Review

Hello everybody,

Today I’m going to be sharing with you all my thoughts on jewellery I bought from from ‘Minimalist Jewellery’ which is an Australian jewellery company. To be honest I was very excited to stumble upon this jewellery store online, because it was Australian based meaning shipping would be free and that the jewellery advertised is simple and acts to accentuate ones features.

Because it was my first time purchasing from this online store I decided to buy their ‘Mystery Box Twenty’ which was conveniently on sale for only $20 and in that box I received $50 worth of jewellery which equated to four products. The products I was given were two sets of earrings, one ring, and a bangle. What’s more, it took fourteen days for the jewellery to reach me, which I believe is pretty reasonable for free shipping.


RingThe ring I received was a very simple dainty ring in an arrow design. Unfortunately the ring does not fully fit my chubby fingers and it rests comfortably on top of my knuckles. To be honest I am not going to lie I actually like the ring being placed on top of my knuckle more so than if it were to rest all the way down my finger. The small details on the ring from the ridges adorning the band and the lines on the arrow end just make it so charming to me. However, if I were to be picky I would like that the ring come in a box or a little bag, for fear of possibly losing the ring.


The bangle received is a rose gold bracelet with a knot in the middle. The bangle is also another dainty piece which is very subtle but finishes an outfit and makes it perfect and complete. The only negative I would have to give the bangle however would be that it sits a little bit uncomfortably on my wrist in that it does not perfectly fit around my whole wrist. The only time however this bothered me would be when I was typing on my computer.


Earrings #1

One of the pair of earrings I received were these white tassel earrings and I completely fell in love with them. I’ve always been a fan of statement of earrings and I love everything about these from the geometric design down to the white tassels. These earrings will honestly be a summer staple for me as during the hot summer months I tend to put my hair into a bun or high ponytail and so having those earrings adorn my ears will add that extra bit of sophistication to my outfit.

Earrings #2

Compared to the first pair of earrings the second pair of earrings took a while for me to grow fond of. It was the same tassel design however the colour was silver all over with a glittering sheen and shine. At first I wasn’t a fan of the monochrome colour and felt that it was a little one-dimensional, however after wearing them out on a sunny day I liked how the sun shone on the earrings and made them stand out.

All in all I would highly suggest that you guys should buy from this website especially the mystery boxes because it is great value for money. In addition, when I checked the website on the products the value was actually over $50 which was a great shock to me. What’s more, if you guys wanted more products you can actually buy a mystery box for $50 which will give you $100 worth of products, which i am considering purchasing because I like getting these surprise products. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed reading this article and share with me your thoughts on these products.

Signing off


Disclaimer: I was not sponsored by the company for making this post and all products were bought with my own money. In addition, all comments made were just my honest opinion.


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