ColourPop Haul + First Impressions

Hello everybody,

Today I’m going to be sharing with you all some products I purchased from ColourPop Cosmetics which include lipsticks and an eye shadow palette. I’m very excited to be sharing these products with you all, as I have purchased from ColourPop before and have been very impressed with their product quality and price.

‘Nuts & Berries’ Lip Bundle

This lip bundle includes three mini lip colours one lip gloss, one matte lipstick, and one satin lipstick.

Mystic (Ultra Satin)

The colour pay off is very dark and dramatic with a lot of pigment. However, the product feels sticky and I feel like it would crack my lips after wearing it for a couple of hours.

mystic .jpg

Lemonade (Ultra Glossy)

Surprisingly this lip gloss does not feel as sticky as normal lip glosses.

Lemonade .jpg

Star Crossed (Ultra Matte)

This one is one of my favourite shades not only is the product very pigmented, the application is non-sticky and feels like satin. In addition, my lips do not feel dry and cracked when i have this product on.

Star Crossed .jpg

‘Milk & Cookies’ Lip Bundle

This lip bundle includes three mini lip colours one lip gloss, one matte lipstick, and one satin lipstick.

Take a Bite (Ultra Glossy)

This one is a glossy lip with very minimal colouring however, not shown on the image there are specks of glitter in the product.

take a bite .jpg

Bad Habit (Ultra Matte)

This is a deep mauve colour with great pigmentation and when the formula is non-drying and applies very easily.

Bad Habit .jpg

Alyssa (Ultra Satin)

This nude colour applies very easily, however the formula is a little dry.

Alyssa .jpg

‘Hidden Agenda’ Lip Bundle

This lip bundle includes three full sized lip colours two satin lipsticks, and one metallic lipstick.

Stud (Ultra Satin)

Very smooth formula, non-drying, and non-sticky.


Reign (Ultra Satin)

reign .jpg

Mystic (Ultra Metallic)

I just realised this product is actually the exact same one as the ‘mystic’ in the Nuts and Berries bundle, so the review will be the same as that one…strong pigment and sticky.

mystic .jpg

That’s the end of my haul and first impressions. Despite it only being the first month of 2018 I’ve noticed that I’ve been slacking a little bit on my blog, lately I’ve just been feeling lethargic and unmotivated. Maybe the inspiration will hit me when I go overseas in February, so please bear with me a little longer.

Signing off



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