Cherry Blossom Inspired Look

 Hello everybody,

Honestly it feels pretty weird to be making a cherry blossom inspired makeup tutorial when it is the middle of summer in Australia or winter in the rest of the world. But, I could not pass on this look when i saw it on Pinterest, it was too cute not to try out.

Untitled design.png


  1. Start off by applying a light gold shimmer shadow on the eyelids. I use a dense wide brush and I sweep the product back and forth in a windshield wiper motion, to ensure even coverage. I also drag any left over product on the brush onto my lower lash line.
  2. Using a crayon matte black eye liner I create a small cat eye, making sure that the wing is not too long. Using a small angled brush with a matte grey shadow on it I go over the cat eye I made with the crayon eye liner and I smudge the line creating a kind of hazy effect.
  3. In addition, I apply the crayon eye liner on the outer third of my lower lash line and then using the grey shadow and the angled brush I then apply the shade on the outer third of my lower lash line and smudge the eye liner.
  4. With a hot pink eye shadow I apply it on top of eye liner only covering the upper half lid. Then in the centre of my eyelids I apply a lighter pink shade making sure it blends with the hot pink shade.
  5. Using a shimmer tan shade I apply it along the inner corner of my eyes, in an attempt to make them sparkle and pop.
  6. Finishing touch is to apply a black mascara on the bottom and top lashes.


  1. To make sure those lips are not chapped apply lip balm.
  2. Using a pink/orange shade apply it on the centre of the bottom lip and smudge it out and smack your lips so that the colour can transfer onto to the top lip.

That is it that guys and the look is complete. I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you did please like this post or share your thoughts with me in the comments section. In addition, I have put a video version of this look on this post and I hope that you guys support my YouTube channel too.

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My Thoughts on ‘Solomon’s Perjury’

Solomons Perjury (2016-2017)

Cast: Kim Hyun-soo, Jang Dong-yoon, Seo Ji-hoon, Cho Jae-hyun, Seo Young-joo

Director: Kang Il-soo

No. of episodes: 12

Synopsis: After a student of an elite South Korean high school has been found dead on the school premise, the cause of death is widely believed to be suicide by teachers, and police detectives as they try to sweep the situation under the rug fearing for the reputation of the school. However, students become restless as a letter appears claiming it was not a case of suicide, but rather murder. Upset with the adults for ignoring their requests and belittling them the students take it into their own hands to find out the truth by holding a school trial. The story is based off of the Japanese novel of the same name by Miyuki Miyabe.


The world of Korean dramas is generally dominated by romantic dramas, which is nothing bad but can get rather boring and arduous watching the same plot over and over again but within different characters – such as ‘rich guy and poor girl’ and ‘bad boy and good girl’. These dramas are not bad, I actually enjoy watching these types of dramas. However, it is very satisfying when a drama does show up that is not based solely on romance, but instead focuses on society where teenagers are generally looked down upon for ‘not understanding’ and an education system that only cares about saving face. Solomon’s Perjury does all this through the story of each character who plays a significant role in the trial in regards to finding out the death of the student.

The series shifts between the present and the past which also forces the viewer to attempt to fill in the gaps on what happened that snowy Christmas night which lead to Lee So-woo’s death. Throughout the series I found it interesting that the classmates within that school were not interested in what actually lead to his death, but rather if it was a case of murder or simply suicide. Truthfully no one in the school really cared about Lee Soo-woo as a person, he was someone in school who was just part of the background to all students – he was not handsome, he was not rich, and he was not smart. Therefore, in high school he was considered irrelevant by his peers. The only time he was ever truly considered as an actual person would be his infamous fight with the notorious school bully Choi Woo-hyuk (also the number one suspect to his death) which lead to Lee Soo-woo’s expulsion, despite the students who witnessed the fight it being Woo-hyuk who was at fault – beating the boy almost to the point of death.

That is when the series starts to pull apart at the first criticism present with society and is notorious in high school that being silence or specifically the inability to speak up. Despite Choi Woo-hyuk being known by many of the students amongst the school as a bully who enjoys inflicting pain on the students no one ever speaks up about it to a higher authority. In addition, when the school called upon for witnesses to report what exactly went down between the two students no one spoke up. Was this due to fear? Fear from what? Fear from Choi Woo-hyuk finding out or fear from being labelled a tattle tale from the other students. Of course from silence rumours are born and from those rumours are false accusations. The series does this in a way that causes the viewer to think, as silence is such a normal thing in our society, especially in school where students refuse to converse with teachers but are more than happy to share stories and embelish them with their friends. This of course leads to chaos and a skewed perception of certain incidents. 

That is when the second criticism presents itself – corruption. The school board committee from the outside seems like its operations are working in the best intentions of their students. They did this by hastily holding counselling sessions for students and even having a funeral service for Lee Soo-woo with the student body present. However, all of that was simply a decoy created by the committee to hide the wrong-doings of the school, especially to Lee Soo-woo who they viewed as a threat, someone who prior to his death was challenging the power of the school. Of course, after the death of Lee Soo-woo the school went hard to silence any thoughts regarding the nature of Lee Soo-woo’s death especially those who questioned whether or not it really was a case of suicide. The teachers then begin to oppress their students of any such thoughts as way of forcing them to forget the incident. However, when the higher forces attempt to oppress those below them a rebellion is born. The rebellion in this case is in the form of a school trial, which does more than uncover what truly happened to Lee Soo-woo, but the secrets of the school and of various students are revealed as well these include the the defence counsel, the defendant Choi Woo-hyuk and of those in the prosecution. The show showcases to the audiences what happens when those question the system and atttempt to rise above from it and form their own decisions free from the punishment from higher forces. 

I honestly enjoyed this drama very much and I think that it should gain more recognition from more people. I highly recommend that people watch this drama as it is quite thought provoking and made me look back on my school experiences throughout high school, and the various sneaky operations of my school (my school wasn’t like the one predicted in this drama, but there were certain situations created by the school that were bothersome to most students). The series is available on Netflix with all tweleve episodes and it is honeslty a hidden gem to watch.

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It has been a hot minute since the last time that I have wrote a review on a film or tv series and it is actually very refreshing. Anyway I have finally finished my last exam, and am free from high school and can finally dedicate all my efforts to my blog. I was actually going to write a post about my current skincare routine and how I got rid of my acne scars, but it is literally so hot in Melbourne (35 degrees today) that I just couldn’t will myself to do it. However, I will get down to writing it soon along with a video. Regardless I hope you guys enjoyed my post and please tell me if you have seen this drama series and what your thougths were.

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New Earrings

Hello everybody,

I know it has been a long time since my last blog post, but I have finally graduated from high school! I must admit it was a very tough year for me, but I made it and I only have three more exams left to sit. Once those exams are finished I will finally be free!

Anyway if you have been following my blog for a while some of you may know that I adore earrings (earring collection post), and my Mum just came back from Europe and as a gift she bought these adorable earrings.

They are very cute statement earrings and I believe that they would be perfect for spring and summer especially since the weather is hot and humid and for girls with thick hair like me, the hair is always in a bun during those seasons. In addition, wearing statement earrings can make give an extra depth to an outift.

Also, please excuse the lighting and quality of the photos where I am wearing the earrings. It’s pretty obvious I have been out of commission in terms of blogging. But anyway this is the end of my very quick update to you guys about how I have been going lately. My last exam is on the 21st of November, so from them on please be patient for my regular return.

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Hello my lovelies,

Long time no see! I have seriously missed you guys so much so, I decided to take a break from studying to share with you all this recipe for mixed vegetable soup with noodles. Despite it being spring here in Australia, I managed to catch a cold…most likely because I was studying too hard and stressing myself out too much. I guess I don’t mind being sick if that means I get soup all day, so I can’t complain. This recipe is kind of one those eyeball recipes, so I didn’t really measure out the ingredients.


  • 1/2 an onion (red or brown)
  • 1 whole broccoli
  • 1 whole medium-sized carrot
  • 1 zucchini
  • Handful of green beans (haricot verts)
  • 1 tbsp of oil (any oil will do)
  • Water (enough to cover the vegetables)
  • Half a handful of spaghetti
  • 2 tbsp of veggie stock powder
  • 1 1/2 tbsp of rice flour (pretty much you can use any flour as a thickener)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Cut your veggies into bite sized pieces, I personally like to vary the different shapes of the vegetables
  2. Turn your stove on medium heat and place a medium-sized pot over and add the oil. Wait for the pot to heat up slightly
  3. Add the onions just to release some of the fragrance
  4. Once it starts to lightly brown add in the broccoli, carrot, and green beans and stir it around for a while till the colour starts to brighten
  5. After a couple of minutes add in the zucchini
  6. Once the vegetables have turned a brighter colour, add water into the pot. You want to put enough water in so that all the vegetables are submerged. Also add in the spaghetti and veggie stock and stir to disperse the veggie stock evenly.
  7. Leave the lid half on the pot and leave the soup to simmer.
  8. Once the soup starts simmering add the rice flour to add as a thickener, and stir the pot until the flour dissolves. By this point add in some more water because the spaghetti will absorb a fair bit of water. I didn’t add in extra water and my soup lacked a lot of liquid.
  9. Add salt and pepper and leave to simmer with the lid half on for about ten minutes or at least when the veggies are all cooked.

That is pretty much the recipe right there. You can either choose to have the soup on its own or I had it with some baguette because carbs are friends. Hope you guys will try out this recipe and if you do please share with me your thoughts.

Signing off,


Serious Life Update

Hello my lovelies,

I’m not going to lie it feels really weird jumping back on to this platform and chatting with you all. This post is being made pretty much to sum up as to why I have been absent from my blog and the future of my blog.

So, if you guys do not know I am currently in my final year of high school and my VCE exams (similar to SATs) are coming up in less than two months. This means I have been frantically studying trying to prepare for these exams which will dictate the path my life will follow after high school. As a result, it is safe to say that I have been freaking out and have had no time for anything else and that means my blog. Honestly, the days just seem to pass by me in a strange hazy blur.

It really does pain me that I have not been able to talk to you guys and share with you all my favorite beauty and cosmetic products. Because I really do enjoy talking to you guys in the comments section below, it just makes me so happy to know that there is people out there who enjoy reading my posts and share my passion for makeup and beauty.

Now that I have finished my explanation for my recent inactivity, I am excited to share with you all my plans for the future with this blog and life. As soon as my exams finish I will have about a four-month gap between then and university and in that four month gap I have a lot of things planned. First off I will be doing a lot of travelling not just in Australia but also overseas. I will going down to Apollo Bay in Australia which is a popular travel destination in Australia and overseas I will be going to Singapore and the Philippines. I plan to document my travels there and share with you all not just on this blog but also on my YouTube channel, so please stay tuned for that. In addition, I plan to do a massive empties/favorites of 2017 post and video because I have tried out a mix of different products.

That is it, I hope I have answered some questions for you guys who have been wondering about where I have disappeared off to. I will see you all soon!

Signing off


Soft, Unique Makeup Tutorial

Hello everybody,

Today I’m going to be sharing with you all how to create this makeup look which is very soft and unique as it incorporates both warm and cool tones.


  • To begin with apply a tan shade all over the eyelids using a big fluffy eyeshadow brush.
  • Using a small eyeshadow brush apply a shimmery brown shadow on the inner corners and outer corners of the eyelid.
  • In the centre of the eyes apply a matte neutral pink shade on the centre of the eyes. You can build the colour up until you get the desired shade.
  • Using a flat eyeshadow brush apply a hot pink matte shade on the outer corner of the eyes by first creating a ‘v’ shape and then blending the colour in.
  • Using a small eyeshadow brush apply a light blue shimmer shadow on the lower lash line only on the inner and outer lower lash line.
  • Using a black eyeliner line the upper lash line (try not to make the line too thick) and only creating a very small flick


  • Using a purple/red dark lipstick apply it on the bottom of your lips.
  • Smack your lips and distribute the colour evenly using your finger.
  • You don’t want your lipstick to be harsh but rather soft.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my post and if you want to see the YouTube version of this post I have posted a link down below. Also, please share with me your thoughts on this makeup look in the comments down below.

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Taste Testing Filipino Snacks

Hello everybody,

My Mum just came from the Philippines today, so that means she brought back some native snacks! As a result, today I’m going to be tasting these snacks with you all and sharing my reaction.

Boy Bawang Cornick

To be honest with you guys I wasn’t really a big fan of these. They packed a lot of flavour, but i just wasn’t into them. i doubt it was because of the strong garlic flavour because I’m a big fan of garlic. I would say that these ball shaped crackers are the perfect bar food they would hand in hand with beer though.

Banana Cracker

I was really surprised by these because I honestly expected them to taste sweet, because of the banana chips you get here in the west are sweet. However, they weren’t sweet, they  were largely plain with a small hint of salt. Despite, the plain taste I found that i just couldn’t stop eating these, they were actually pretty addictive.

Jack n Jill Chiz Curls

I would dub these as perfect movie food because they didn’t make that loud crunch like most chips do. They were soft and dissolved in your mouth as soon you bite them. The cheese flavour was quite unique it was milder than Cheeto’s but had more kick to it than Twistie’s.

Gene’s Otap de Cebu

This was a hard flaky pastry with sugar coating the top. I personally liked it and thought it was a great little snack, as it wasn’t too sweet. The only negative I had to give was that due to the flaky pastry it is a rather messy food to eat.

Cebu Dried Mangoes

Normal mangoes are amazing, so of course dried mangoes would be just as amazing. I would say that dried mangoes would be a great alternative to lollies, as they have the same sweetness and chewing power (I did not know how to word that).

Jack n Jill Chippy BBQ

The texture of these reminded me of Grain Waves but they were thicker. I wasn’t a big fan of these either, the flavour was almost like the garlic balls. Again I would probably pin this under the bar food category, as I can imagine it would go great washed down with beer.

Lady’s Choice Peanut Butter

Compared to normal peanut butter, I would say that this peanut butter is thicker making it harder to swallow. However, it is smoother too, with more of a peanut taste as it is not masked by an obscene amount of sugar.

Also guys if you would like to know who the Giveaway winner was I would suggest you check out the YouTube version of this article which I have linked down below.

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