50+ Followers Giveaway!!!

Hello my lovelies,

If you cannot tell from the title I’m going to be doing a giveaway! I’m doing this giveaway as a celebration for reaching over 50 followers on my blog which is a huge accomplishment for me. I know there are some people out there who don’t think that 50+ is a big accomplishment to have to warrant a giveaway, but to me this is massive. I never in a thousand years imagined that people would actually be interested in the things I post and it makes me so happy every single time i get a notification from my blog from a reader. Although this giveaway is pretty much a shameless YouTube promotion, I still want to celebrate my blog (HEHEHE).

For this giveaway i went out and bought some items in order to make into this cute little bundle. There aren’t that many products, but I hope that whoever wins them still appreciates them. Also this giveaway is going to be open internationally and not just confined to those in Australia.

The products I will be giving away are:

  • The Face Shops’ ‘Herb Day’ cleanser (a great cleanser which does not irritate skin)
  • Victoria’s Secret body lotion in the scent ‘Aqua Kiss’ (my personal favourite body lotion from the Victoria’s Secret collection)
  • The Body Shop’s ‘British Rose’ hand cream (one of my favourite hand creams at the moment with a very powerful scent)
  • Two very adorable key chains


Of course there are some rules that apply to this giveaway.

In order to be eligible:

  • If your are not already you must be following my blog
  • You must be subscribed to my YouTube channel: TheMakeupDumpling (because I need more love on my channel and I’m shameless)
  • You need to like and comment on any of my YouTube videos that I have already uploaded answering the question of “What do you want to see more of from me?” The question can either be relating to my blog or YouTube channel or both. WHEN COMMENTING ON THE YOUTUBE VIDEO PLEASE STATE YOUR BLOG USERNAME IN THE END SO I KNOW PLEASE. 

This giveaway will finish on the 8th of August where I will announce the winner on my blog and at the end of my latest video on YouTube. I will contact the winner through a message on their YouTube account.

Again I would like to thank everyone who has supported me throughout my journey starting this blog and I hope you will join me on my YouTube journey. In addition, I hope my blog and YouTube channel grow with you guys so I can then celebrate with you all by doing a 100 follower giveaway which will be a bigger and better giveaway. 

NOTE: please be cautious of hackers and scammers (I know I’m a small blog and channel, but I want to be cautious just in case). Please do not give out any contact details to any accounts claiming to be me, before the 8th of August or after.

Signing off



Colourpop Cosmetics Unboxing

Hello cuties,

A couple of weeks ago I ordered products for the very first time off of the Colourpop store and they finally came today. I always heard great reviews online about Colourpop cosmetics and I decided to check it out for myself and to see if it was worth the hype.

First and foremost I was pleasantly surprised at how cheap and cost-effective most of the items were. Lipstick for only $6 to me is an amazing deal, because I honestly expected to pay $15 for one tube of lipstick. In addition I also expected to pay an arm and a leg for shipping, but it was only $9.99 for any orders that were under $50 (international not within the US), which also surprised considering that was very cheap to ship from America all the way to Australia. My order took 10 days to get from the US to Australia.

For my first ever order I wanted to get their infamous lipsticks and their eyeshadows, so I decided to buy their ‘Nectar Collector’ which consisted of their ‘Blow Me Away’ eye shadow palette and their ‘Phase 1’ lip bundle. Along with the products I bought I was also able to get two free mini travel sized lipsticks. Unfortunately the ‘Nectar Collector’ is no longer available on the website, so if you want to buy those products you have to buy them separately.

My firs impressions on the products were that I was very surprised by how smooth and velvety the lip products were, they just glided on to my lips. There was no sticky feeling and my lips did not become dry, nor did they crack. The only negative would be that the lipsticks are not really smudge free and they do budge if I wipe my hand or a napkin across my lips. 

Frick N' Frack

This one is great versatile colour which is very easy to pair with different outfits.


This shade was the most upsetting to me because I thought it would be much darker.


This one has to be the best colour out of all of them! It’s my first ever shade that is dark and vampy and I’m loving it. 

Up Twirl

This colour I gave to my Mum because she loves vibrant pinks like this, so I couldn’t swatch it on my lips. 


I normally am not a fan of glosses, but this one surprised me a lot. It gave a light sheen did not feel sticky and the colour was a very natural light pink.


As for the eyeshadows I still haven’t tested them out or done a swatch test because I want to create an eye look and then test out their staying power.

That’s the end of my post, I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. As always if you enjoyed reading my post please leave a comment and like this post.

Signing off,


Etude House Haul

Hello my lovelies,

My Dad just came home from the Philippines and along with that he brought back some products from “Etude House”, which I was after. I’m very excited about these products because if you have been following my blog for a while you may know that I am a big fan of Korean cosmetics, and skin care. Furthermore, to add to my excitement is that “Etude House” at the present moment do not have a store in Australia. As a result, for me to obtain these items makes me feel very happy and special.

AC Clinic toner, lotion, and intense red spot balm 


Because I am now entering my last year of high school all the stress from school has disrupted my skin and as a result my skin is becomming more prone to acne. That is why I decided to pick up these products. I also wanted to get the cleanser, but unfortunately the store my Dad went to the cleanser was out of stock.

Once I get a feel for the products I will make sure to review the products and see if its worth the money spent.

True Relief cream, emulsion, and toner

I’m guessing that this is the free sample that was given to my Dad after he bought all the products. This is the first time I have ever heard of these products, but I’m very excited to try them out considering it promises to hydrate and moisturise skin.

Etude 24k Gold Therapy Red Ginseng Mask


This is another product I initially was not looking for. I actually wanted a different face mask set, but again the store ran out of them. Instead the worker at the store suggested this to my Dad and apparently it is one of their latest products that has been hot on the market.

Play Therapy Sleeping Pack 


I am actually very excited to try out this product because I love my face masks and this one is one of the ones you just slap on your face before you go to bed and sleep. I tried it out last night and I absolutely love it I woke up and after I washed my face it was as soft as a baby’s bottom.

Proof10 Auto Pencil BK802


I like this eyeliner because it is very smooth and glides upon application. I have oily eyelids so the product did smudge a little during the day but it did not completely rub off. Furthermore, an added bonus to give to this eyeliner would be the fact that it has a built in sharpener.

That is the end of my “Etude House” haul and I hope you guys enjoyed reading this.

See you next time my lovelies xoxo

Haul: The Face Shop

Hello my lovelies,

I am back with a haul from ‘The Face Shop’, which is my favourite beauty store of all time. I love the store for several reasons such as the cheap prices, cute packaging, and amazing results I get from the products.

  1. Perfumed Body Mist: Cherry Blossom


To kick things off I purchased this aromatic body mist. First things first what I love most about it is the fact that it is cherry blossom scented. You will notice that the further you scroll down there will be several items present that are cherry blossom scented. That is because cherry blossoms are my favourite flower.

Aside from that I really like the slim design of the bottle, thus it can fit into my beauty bag very comfortably and I can bring it to school without any hassle. Also, I was drawn to the scent as it exudes a fresh fragrance which is not too overwhelming.


My second cherry blossom themed product is a hair mist. To be honest I’ve never bought hair mist before, and this was just something I decided to buy on a whim. But, I guess I will buy anything as long as it is cherry blossomed scented or packaged with cherry blossoms.

Just like with the body mist it gives off a very fresh scent, which would be delightful to smell walking around. Just imagine waving your hair around and everyone around you catching the subtle scent of cherry blossoms, you would definitely be a hit.

Just when you though I would finally stop with the cherry blossoms I hit you guys with the hand cream. I’m not sure why, but lately my hands have been very dry and gross to touch. So, I did another first today like with the hair mist and bought my first ever hand cream. Normally, I do not need to buy hand cream because I have naturally very soft hands, but the sudden dryness stopped that.

I’ve only used the hand cream a couple of times but I’m very satisfied with the product. To begin with the formula is not greasy and absorbs well onto my skin. Aside from leaving a very pleasant scent it is quite moisturising and has repaired my skin.

To be perfectly honest the eyeshadows I bought are not very pigmented but they do leave the most prettiest colour pay off. The colours that come out are very unique and beautiful to look at. I find that when these two products are blended together the colour pay off is absolutely gorgeous.

One of the things that make me so happy about the fact that I purchased this item is that it comes with a little applicator. I do not have a phobia of germs but in my opinion I think it’s nice how the company decided to chuck in an applicator, it just shows that they care for their customers and hygiene.

They had three different versions of this product, one was clear and contained no oil, and the other was very thick and gloopy. The third version was the one I bought which was a mixture of the two. So far I have been loving this product because it absorbs into my skin really well, making me feel refreshed and the mixture does not feel greasy.

If you guys regularly read my posts or are following my blog you would most likely be aware that this product is no stranger to my blog. That is because I did do a review of the product a while back and it is mentioned in my August empties.

There’s not really much to say about this product besides the fact that it covers my blemishes really well, controls my oily skin, and protects my skin with SPF. Because I have already bought the compact I just needed to buy the refill which was cheaper. I really like that how instead of spending an extra couple of dollars on the compact I can just buy a refill for cheaper and replace the actually foundation and sponge.

Now I cannot end this haul without mentioning the freebies I obtained. If you guys are not familiar with ‘The Face Shop’ or have not shopped at any Korean beauty stores whenever you buy something they will give you freebies such as face masks, sample sizes of their products. This is such smart advertising because then once a customer tries out the sample they will want to purchase the full-sized product. Also, probably one of the main reasons why I still keep going down to ‘The Face Shop’ would be for the free face masks.

Along with my purchases I got a couple of free face masks, sample primer, and hand cream in the cutest packaging


I hope you guys enjoyed reading.

See you soon,