Pretty in Pink Makeup Tutorial

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome back to my blog and today I’m going to be showing you guys who to create this really soft and delicate makeup look, comprised of pinks and gold. It is a really sweet and subtle makeup look that softens the facial features and is perfect for a spring day. Let’s get started!


  • Using a flat eyeshadow brush apply a light beige shimmer shade all over the eye lids.
  • Using a fluffy blending brush apply a matte pink shade on the outer third of the eye and blend the colour out. With the left over powder apply it to your lower lash line. For this look I’m technically using a blush shade, but I like how vibrant this shade of pink is.
  • Now using a small eyeshadow brush apply a lilac shade on the centre fold of the crease on the outer third, and with the same fluffy blending brush used previously blend it into the pink shade. What this does is it gives more depth to the eyes so they don’t look flat.
  • With a pale gold shimmer shade and a flat eyeshadow brush apply the colour all over the centre of the eyelids
  • Using an angled brush get a brown or dark purple eyeshadow and line your eyes creating a cat-eye.
  • Now it’s time to add highlight to your eyes. Apply a white shimmer shade on the inner corners of the eyes and halfway across the inner lower lash line. Also do not forget to apply the white shade onto the brow bone.
  • Using any mascara load up your lower and upper lashes with them.


  • With your ring finger apply a cherry coloured lipstick on the inner most part of the lips and with your your ring finger spread the colour out, this will create a gradient lip effect. Of course if you guys don’t want to use your finger you can use a flat makeup brush.

Thanks for reading this post and please check out my YouTube video on this look.

Signing off,



Hello my lovelies,
Today’s look is very unique and eyecatching and combines both warm and cool tones. This look is great for anyone who is experimenting with makeup and would like to create a statement look, but is not too over the top.


  1. Using a pearly white shade apply it all over to the eye lids.
  2. Using a fluffy blending brush use a peach colour and apply it all over the eye lids.
  3. With an angled fluffy brush use a tan shade and apply it on the crease.
  4. Using the same angled brush apply a dark brown shade all over the crease. This will add more definition to the eyes.
  5. On the outer half of the lower lash line apply a dark blue shimmer shade with hints of green. (Look for a seaweed kind of colour)
  6. On the inner hald of the lower lash line apply a ight blue shimmer shade.
  7. With a black eyeliner create a very subtle cat-eye, the main focus should be the blue eyeshadow not the eyeliner.
  8. Now load up your top lashes with mascara. Do not apply any on your lower lashes.


  1. Line the lips with a mauve lip pencil.
  2. Using a baby pink matte liquid lipstcik apply it all over the lips.

That is the finished look. Please let me know in the comments down below if you liked the look, and check out the YouTube video I made of this look.

Take Care


Everyday Makeup Look

Hey guys,

Today I’m going to be sharing with you how to complete an everyday makeup look. It’s a very simple look that is very easy to do and is perfect for any occasion.


  • To begin with use a light tan shimmery shade and apply it all over you eyelids.
  • Use a light brown matte shade and appy a little bit of it on the outer third your eye. Do this in order to give more depth to your eyes.
  • Now using a peach shimmer shade apply it to the outer third of your eyes making sure to to blend it with the tan shimmer shade.
  • Using a pearly white shade apply it to your brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes.
  • Create a simple cat-eye using black eyeliner.
  • Using a black mascaara load up your lashes wiht it in order to ake them nice and perky.


  • Using a mauve lip liner line the outer rim of your lips.
  • With a slightly lighter colour to the lip liner apply a matter liquid lipstick to your lips.

That’s it the look is complete it’s very simple to do and matches with pretty much every outfit, occasion, and weather. I hope you liked this look and share with me your thoughts in the comment section down below.

See you soon,


Doll eyes makeup tutorial

Hello lovelies,

I was inspired by Melanie Martinez, Japanese Gyaru makeup, and Marina and the Diamonds to do this makeup look. This is a somewhat more toned down version as it’s not as dramatic. This makeup look would be great for Halloween if you wanted to go as something cute such as a doll.

  1. For the base I used a gold shimmer shadow and applied it all over my eyelids.
  2. Using a dark brown shade and a fluffy angled brush. I loaded up my brush and created a false crease on top of my natural crease, this will give an illusion of bigger looking eyes.
  3. With eyeliner I created a slightly exaggerated cat eye that extended further out than usual.
  4. I then extended the end of that line down halfway down my lower lash line. This is to create a fake lower lash line to widen my eyes making them bigger.
  5. What makes the look are false lashes. So I apply a pair with lots of gaps on top of my upper lashline. For my bottom lashes I bought a pair of individual lashes and applied them to the bottom of my fake lower lash line that I created previously.
  6. To make the eyes pop I apply a pearl shade on to my tear dux and on my brow bones.
  7. To complete the look I applied a pink lipstick onto my lips.

That’s the completed look and I hope you guys enjoyed it.

“Sunset glow” makeup look

Hello lovelies,

I have been loving this makeup look because it looks like the sunset and it makes me happy seeing the gradient between the gold and red. This look is very easy to do and will make your eyes pop especially in the sun light.

  1. With a cream gold shade I apply it all over my lids and this acts as my base.
  2. With a gold shadow and with a thick dense brush I pat the colour onto my eyes.
  3. I then use a dark rose colour and apply it on the outer v of my eyes blending it with the gold. I use a fluffy brush in order to blends the two colours together.
  4. Now with a small dense brush I apply the dark rose colour all over the lower third of my eyes in order to balance the look out.
  5. To create more dimension I apply black eyeliner and create a thin cat eye.
  6. To finish off the look I apply a pair of lashes and I want to create a dolly-eyed look so, I use falsies with wide gaps to create a more innocent look.

'Summer Glow' layout.jpg

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and that you hopefully try out this look!!!