My Thoughts on ‘Solomon’s Perjury’

Solomons Perjury (2016-2017)

Cast: Kim Hyun-soo, Jang Dong-yoon, Seo Ji-hoon, Cho Jae-hyun, Seo Young-joo

Director: Kang Il-soo

No. of episodes: 12

Synopsis: After a student of an elite South Korean high school has been found dead on the school premise, the cause of death is widely believed to be suicide by teachers, and police detectives as they try to sweep the situation under the rug fearing for the reputation of the school. However, students become restless as a letter appears claiming it was not a case of suicide, but rather murder. Upset with the adults for ignoring their requests and belittling them the students take it into their own hands to find out the truth by holding a school trial. The story is based off of the Japanese novel of the same name by Miyuki Miyabe.


The world of Korean dramas is generally dominated by romantic dramas, which is nothing bad but can get rather boring and arduous watching the same plot over and over again but within different characters – such as ‘rich guy and poor girl’ and ‘bad boy and good girl’. These dramas are not bad, I actually enjoy watching these types of dramas. However, it is very satisfying when a drama does show up that is not based solely on romance, but instead focuses on society where teenagers are generally looked down upon for ‘not understanding’ and an education system that only cares about saving face. Solomon’s Perjury does all this through the story of each character who plays a significant role in the trial in regards to finding out the death of the student.

The series shifts between the present and the past which also forces the viewer to attempt to fill in the gaps on what happened that snowy Christmas night which lead to Lee So-woo’s death. Throughout the series I found it interesting that the classmates within that school were not interested in what actually lead to his death, but rather if it was a case of murder or simply suicide. Truthfully no one in the school really cared about Lee Soo-woo as a person, he was someone in school who was just part of the background to all students – he was not handsome, he was not rich, and he was not smart. Therefore, in high school he was considered irrelevant by his peers. The only time he was ever truly considered as an actual person would be his infamous fight with the notorious school bully Choi Woo-hyuk (also the number one suspect to his death) which lead to Lee Soo-woo’s expulsion, despite the students who witnessed the fight it being Woo-hyuk who was at fault – beating the boy almost to the point of death.

That is when the series starts to pull apart at the first criticism present with society and is notorious in high school that being silence or specifically the inability to speak up. Despite Choi Woo-hyuk being known by many of the students amongst the school as a bully who enjoys inflicting pain on the students no one ever speaks up about it to a higher authority. In addition, when the school called upon for witnesses to report what exactly went down between the two students no one spoke up. Was this due to fear? Fear from what? Fear from Choi Woo-hyuk finding out or fear from being labelled a tattle tale from the other students. Of course from silence rumours are born and from those rumours are false accusations. The series does this in a way that causes the viewer to think, as silence is such a normal thing in our society, especially in school where students refuse to converse with teachers but are more than happy to share stories and embelish them with their friends. This of course leads to chaos and a skewed perception of certain incidents. 

That is when the second criticism presents itself – corruption. The school board committee from the outside seems like its operations are working in the best intentions of their students. They did this by hastily holding counselling sessions for students and even having a funeral service for Lee Soo-woo with the student body present. However, all of that was simply a decoy created by the committee to hide the wrong-doings of the school, especially to Lee Soo-woo who they viewed as a threat, someone who prior to his death was challenging the power of the school. Of course, after the death of Lee Soo-woo the school went hard to silence any thoughts regarding the nature of Lee Soo-woo’s death especially those who questioned whether or not it really was a case of suicide. The teachers then begin to oppress their students of any such thoughts as way of forcing them to forget the incident. However, when the higher forces attempt to oppress those below them a rebellion is born. The rebellion in this case is in the form of a school trial, which does more than uncover what truly happened to Lee Soo-woo, but the secrets of the school and of various students are revealed as well these include the the defence counsel, the defendant Choi Woo-hyuk and of those in the prosecution. The show showcases to the audiences what happens when those question the system and atttempt to rise above from it and form their own decisions free from the punishment from higher forces. 

I honestly enjoyed this drama very much and I think that it should gain more recognition from more people. I highly recommend that people watch this drama as it is quite thought provoking and made me look back on my school experiences throughout high school, and the various sneaky operations of my school (my school wasn’t like the one predicted in this drama, but there were certain situations created by the school that were bothersome to most students). The series is available on Netflix with all tweleve episodes and it is honeslty a hidden gem to watch.

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It has been a hot minute since the last time that I have wrote a review on a film or tv series and it is actually very refreshing. Anyway I have finally finished my last exam, and am free from high school and can finally dedicate all my efforts to my blog. I was actually going to write a post about my current skincare routine and how I got rid of my acne scars, but it is literally so hot in Melbourne (35 degrees today) that I just couldn’t will myself to do it. However, I will get down to writing it soon along with a video. Regardless I hope you guys enjoyed my post and please tell me if you have seen this drama series and what your thougths were.

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Colourpop Cosmetics Unboxing

Hello cuties,

A couple of weeks ago I ordered products for the very first time off of the Colourpop store and they finally came today. I always heard great reviews online about Colourpop cosmetics and I decided to check it out for myself and to see if it was worth the hype.

First and foremost I was pleasantly surprised at how cheap and cost-effective most of the items were. Lipstick for only $6 to me is an amazing deal, because I honestly expected to pay $15 for one tube of lipstick. In addition I also expected to pay an arm and a leg for shipping, but it was only $9.99 for any orders that were under $50 (international not within the US), which also surprised considering that was very cheap to ship from America all the way to Australia. My order took 10 days to get from the US to Australia.

For my first ever order I wanted to get their infamous lipsticks and their eyeshadows, so I decided to buy their ‘Nectar Collector’ which consisted of their ‘Blow Me Away’ eye shadow palette and their ‘Phase 1’ lip bundle. Along with the products I bought I was also able to get two free mini travel sized lipsticks. Unfortunately the ‘Nectar Collector’ is no longer available on the website, so if you want to buy those products you have to buy them separately.

My firs impressions on the products were that I was very surprised by how smooth and velvety the lip products were, they just glided on to my lips. There was no sticky feeling and my lips did not become dry, nor did they crack. The only negative would be that the lipsticks are not really smudge free and they do budge if I wipe my hand or a napkin across my lips. 

Frick N' Frack

This one is great versatile colour which is very easy to pair with different outfits.


This shade was the most upsetting to me because I thought it would be much darker.


This one has to be the best colour out of all of them! It’s my first ever shade that is dark and vampy and I’m loving it. 

Up Twirl

This colour I gave to my Mum because she loves vibrant pinks like this, so I couldn’t swatch it on my lips. 


I normally am not a fan of glosses, but this one surprised me a lot. It gave a light sheen did not feel sticky and the colour was a very natural light pink.


As for the eyeshadows I still haven’t tested them out or done a swatch test because I want to create an eye look and then test out their staying power.

That’s the end of my post, I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. As always if you enjoyed reading my post please leave a comment and like this post.

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April Favourites 2017|Beauty, Accessories, and Books 

Hello my lovelies,

Today I’m going to be sharing with you my favourite items during the month of April. These items are quite varied and fall across a range of different categories from beauty, accessories, and books.


3ina-The 3in1 Foundation 

I love how this product acts as not only a foundation but a primer and a concealer. The only negative I would give this product would have to be that the coverage is not as high as I would want it to be around my under eyes. However it does a great job at covering my acne scars.

Rimmel-Stay Matte Pressed Powder

I was very surprised with this product when I first bought it. Not only is it cheap but it does an amazing job at making my face matte and making sure my foundation stays in place and does not slide. What’s more it is long-lasting and controls shine and oil. I only have high praise for this product and I highly recommend that you guys buy it.


Kitsch Place-Silver Statment Earrings 

Recently I have been really loving statement earrings especially cool toned ones. However, I didn’t want anything too flashy and these earrings caught my eye. They are a nice silver colour with a simplistic geometric design. The layering of the two shapes catch the eye, but are too flashy which I love. What’s more I love how these earrings are handmade and they’re not as expensive as I expected them to be considering they were handmade. Because this store is a small business they don’t have a website so I just put a link to their Instagram.

Hoskings-Crystal Hoop Earrings

Here is another pair of earrings that I have been obsessed with during April which my Mum gave to me. They are a lovely rose gold colour and are very simple and subtle. I like how unlike the larger hoop earrings they don’t get caught in my hair, nor do I accidently pull on them when I’m brushing my hair with my fingers and I forget that I’m wearing hoop earrings. I couldn’t directly link you guys to the earrings because they weren’t on the site, so instead I just linked you guys to the Hoskings website in the earrings category.


Haruki Murakami-Norwegian Wood

Haruki Murakami is a Japanese author and is one of my favourites. One of my life goals is to actually read all of the books that he publishes. I am obsessed with his style of writing, I love how when I read his stories it all seems to flow and there is no sudden fast motions forward, which isn’t a bad thing but not something I like when reading books. If I were to describe the process of reading his books it would be like floating across a body water. Norwegian Wood is an amazing book which talks about young love and loneliness and how they intertwine. Also on a side note about the book and possible spoiler (maybe) I am in love with Midori and her positivity and just her presence in general everytime she showed up in the novel I couldn’t help but smile.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post and if you want to see a photo of BTS’s J-Hope I sugguest you check out the YouTube video of my April favourites.

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Empties: Korean Skincare #2

Hey cuties,

I am back with another empties post for you all about some Korean skin care products which I have used. Same thing goes like in the last post, I will write a description about my experiences with the product and I will give a rating out of 5. I hope you enjoy reading this post, as you did the last one.

Baby Leaf Green Tea Waterfull Emulsion (The Face Shop)

To be honest this emulsion was very forgettable, it did the job of adding an extra layer of moisture to my skin. Aside from that there was nothing really spectacular about it.

Score: 3/5

True Relief Moist Emulsion (Etude House)

Compared to the Green Tea emulsion the formula for this one was a little bit thicker. Regardless, the product was very moistening to my skin without leaving a greasy or oily feel.

Score: 4/5

True Relief Moist Cream (Etude House)

Like its’ emulsion counterpart the cream moisturizer was very soothing to my skin and helped moisturize my skin without leacing a greasy or oily feel. What’s more it absorbed very well into my skin.

Score: 5/5

Play Therapy Sleeping Pack (Moist Up) (Etude House)

This product is actually the most amazing thing ever. I don’t know what magic ingredients Etude House put into this sleeping mask, but it does wonders to my skin. During the winter my skin tends to dry out considering when I go outside it’ll be freezing cold and when I go insider it’ll be hot with the heater blasting. Therefore, it is only fair that my skin will dry out and suffer. That is where this product steps in and repairs and moisturizes my skin during the night whilst I sleep.

Score: 5/5

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this Empties article. Furthermore, I have attached a video of an Empties I did for my YouTube channel. This is my first ever YouTube video and I hope you support me and watch, like and subscribe.

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Empties: Korean Skincare

Hello my lovelies,

Here I have compiled a list of all the Korean skincare products I have bought over the past few months and have used up. I am going to rate these products out of five, along with a description of my experiences with the product and my satisfaction.

AC Clean Up Toner (Etude House)

To be perfectly honest with you guys this product was honestly very forgettable. It was not amazing, but it was not useless. I have acne prone skin and it did soothe my acne a little bit, but it did not reduce the redness around my skin.

Score: 3/5 

AC Clean Up Gel Lotion (Etude House)

This product left my skin feeling very smooth and silky after application and did not dry out my skin after a couple of hours. Although the product is advertised for those with acne prone skin I unfortunately suffered more break outs whilst using this product. However, I am unsure whether or not the blame should be pinned onto the product or school stress. So I’ll give the product some leeway.

Score: 3.5/5

AC Clean Up After Balm (Etude House)

This product has saved me from really bad breakouts that have planted their ugly selves onto my face. It works fast to calm the area, reducing redness, and the size of the pimple. What’s more it doesn’t dry out the area and leave it patchy. The only downside would be that I needed to use a lot of product on the infected area.

Score: 4/5

Miracle Food 10 Solution Cream (Skinfood)

Out of all of the products mentioned this one has to be the priciest one, but it was definitely worth the price. I mainly used this product when I was in the Philippines, and it did an amazing job of not slipping off my face considering the sticky humidity. The product kept my face moisturised and it left my complexion looking bright and fresh.

Score 5/5

Watery Berry Gel Cream (Skinfood)

Again another product on the pricier end, but well worth it. This product was very light and hydration to my skin quickly. I felt the effects of this cream when overnight as when I woke up in the morning my skin (especially my eye bags) didn’t feel like a depleted mess and felt bouncy.

Score: 5/5

Chia Seed Moisturising Cream (The Face Shop)

This product had to be the worst one that I used, as after a couple of uses it made my skin very dry and patchy and it did not feel nice at all. However, I do give the product props, as for hygiene reasons they give you a little plastic spoon so that germs from your finger aren’t transferred onto the product.

Score: 2.5/5

Herb Day Cleansing Foam Peach (The Face Shop)

This cleanser is a great cleanser, as not only does it brighten my skin but it also leaves it feeling very smooth. What’s more it is not even that expensive and is very cost efficient for any budget.

Score: 4.5/5

That’s the end of my empties article and I hope that you guys enjoyed reading it. Please comment down below your thoughts on the products, as I would love to hear you opinions.

Signing off,


August Empties

Hello my lovelies,

Today I’m going to present to you guys my first ever empties post. These are products that I’ve finished using and feel the need to write a review about.

Napoleon Perdis, Ready Set Loose Powder


I picked up this product from ‘Catch Of The Day’ and as far as I know it’s just available on this website. This product did not really stand out to me and it didn’t do an amzing job and setting my make up. It was a struggle to distribute the product evenly on my face and I would find that certain parts of my face got more product that others. On the other hand the product did do a good job on removing shine from my face and it did a sub par job on setting my make up so it would not slip.

Overall I would give the product a 3/5

The Face Shop’s Oil Control Water Cushion

If you guys follow my blog already then you know that I already wrote a review for this product. But, I love this product so much that I want to feature it in my empties. This product is perfect for lazy girls like me, because it works as a moisturiser, fondation, and concealer. It’s pretty much a 3 in 1 product. It gives off a medium to high coverage which is something I like and it lasts a long without slipping or sliding.

The only negative I have for this product is that because it has SPF in it my complexion is lightened to a different shade than the rest of my body. However it’s okay because I even it out with bronzer and a tan blush.

This product gets a 4.5/5

Kmart, Green Tea bath set 

This bath set came with a body balm, shower gel, and body scrub. I don’t know where this product originated from because I got it for my birthday, but from looking at the back it’s a product from Kmart. However, I can’t find this product on the Kmart website.

Anyway even before trying this product I was a little biased because I am a sucker for anything that is green tea. To be fair I kind of expected this product to be really average or below, but it exceeded my expectations. It was very hydrating and had an amazing scent. The body scrub was great because it removed the dead skin but it didn’t leave my skin dehydrated and red.

This product was the highlight of my August empties and I was so sad that I finished the products, it gets a 5/5.

That’s it for my empties guys and I hope you enjoyed.

Ciao Angel xoxo






Review: The Face Shop’s Oil Control Water Cushion 

Hello my lovelies,

Today I got stood up, so in order to ease my broken heart I went shopping. Cushion foundations have been all the rage in sout-east Asia especially in Korea with popular YouTuber Michelle Phan speaking highly of cushion foundations.

So, I made my way to The Face Shop and picked up the ‘Oil Control Water Cushion’. I am no stranger to The Face Shop and have enjoyed many of their products. Now, let’s get down to business on this foundation.

First of all when I purchased the cushion foundation I was given a refill for free, as part of the promotion they had going on.

In regards to the packaging of the foundation I quite like it. It looks very sleek and cool. Furthermore, I like how there is a section that separates the foundation and the sponge itself.

The product was very easy to blend on my skin and provided a decent amount of coverage. I applied one layer of the fondation over my face and it did not feel cakey. Throughout the day it did not feel like I was wearing make up and my skin felt very fresh.

Also, I have oily skin and I was very pleased with this product, considering it did not slip off my face.

The only negative I have for this product is that it makes my face slightly paler than it actually is. This is because of the sunscreen embedded in the formula. I know whiter skin is something that is sought after in Asia, but I felt uncomfortable with a face that was a different shade to my body. However, I can combat the pale complexion it gives to my face by applying bronzer.

An added bonus that comes with shopping at The Face Shop, which I enjoy is all the freebies they give.

In this trip I picked up a sample of their anti-aging eye cream and a face mask.

Overall rating

Value for money: I paid $31 and managed to get a free refill. 7.5/10

Quality: the coverage was good and I did not need to use a lot of product. However, the product making my skin paler was a let down. 6/10

Total: 13.5/20

Thank you for reading and if you guys buy this product let me know how you thought of it!!