Being a French Exchange Student

Hello my lovelies, Today I’m going to be sharing with you my experiences of being a French exchange student.ย Back in 2014 I was an exchange student in Bordeaux, France for about one month. So, I want to share with you the comparisons between France and Australia and things you should take note of before going there. School hours Be prepared for long hours at French … Continue reading Being a French Exchange Student

Achieve that ‘A’ without reading the book

Alright, my lovelies so you have not read that book your English teacher has assigned you to read over the term break. Maybe you attempted to read said book, but it was so dull and disengaging you did not even bother to make it past the first twenty pages. Fear not, because your girl Honeybunnay has got your back and will help you pull through. Guys … Continue reading Achieve that ‘A’ without reading the book

Study Hacks

It’s a Friday evening and you are laying on your bed staring at the stack of books on your desk. You may be staring at those inanimate objects scathingly thinking,ย ‘strippers earn a lot of money and they didn’t need to apply Pythag’s formula into their everyday life,’.ย Well my lovelies stop that thinking this instant and change your mindset. I am going to share with you … Continue reading Study Hacks